Software Entity - Custom Maya Launcher - Shotgun Integration does not show up on DCC launch

Hello All,

I have added a custom Maya launcher with a bunch of environment variables (manual mode in a non-standard install location) with the Software entity. The DCC launches fine but without the Shotgun Menu, Panel Publisher, etc.

If the DCC is in the standard location (with the default Software entities that ship with the Shotgun site without any paths scpecified), the Engine loads as expected.

I have specified the engine in the ‘Engine’ field on the entity, Grouped it for managing multiple version of the DCC.

Followed this guide:

Here’s a sanitized screenshot of the custom Software Entity:

Any doc links/assistance to aid in correcting my approach would be appreciated.

Also any docs/guides to help with hooks for managing software launches with non-standard install locations, custom environment variables are welcome.

Thanks for the help,

Hi @sbasu!

I cannot tell for sure, but I suspect that your custom Maya launcher overwrites the PYTHONPATH environment variable instead of appending to it.
Shotgun desktop is setting some environment variables so the DCC applications are launched with its scripts.

Hope that helps solving your issue!


Hi @Fabian,

You’re right.

Seems to be the same issue as documented in the Troubleshooting section for the Houdini Integration in the SG Dev docs:

I’ve solved it by replicating the solution(in my case with the PYTHONPATH variable) in my launcher.

Engine loads properly now.