Shotgun Deskop: Missing Software entities... help?


I’m trying to set up a config on a new shotgun URL that we need to have separate from our main URL. I’m trying to set up a config for it based on one that we already have from our other projects.

However I don’t seem to be able to get the Software entities to show up in the Shotgun Desktop menu, and I’m not really sure what would prevent them from being loaded. There appear to be no errors in the Console log (even with the debug mode enabled).

Any pointers in the right direction to debug this would be much appreciated.



Hey Tom

Good question, and to be fair something I’ve encountered before in the past, though it’s unlikely that it would be for the same reason.

  • Do the software entities on the new site have paths specified, or are they blank?
    If they are blank then that means that the tk-multi-launchapp will attempt to use the engine’s startup logic to automatically find the software:

If the software executable can’t be found then it will silently not register an entry.

  • So then the next question would be, are the software installed in default locations?

  • Are there any differences between your Software entity from your old site to your new site?

  • Are any other apps showing up in SG Desktop, is the problem just limited to the tk-multi-launchapp and the software entities?


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Hey Phil,

Thanks for responding quickly!

To be honest I’ve tried various combinations of entities in the fields for the the software entities, leaving the paths blank, giving specific paths, limiting the software to the project in question.

At this point I’ve got the software entity for maya set up like so:

The path is specified directly, but nothing else is listed, but maya doesn’t not show up as an option in SG desktop.

The only app that I do get is the standalone Publish app.

One thing that does occur to me is if there might be some kind of compatibility setting with regard to the tk-shotgun, tk-maya settings files? I have had a look an nothing jumps out at me, but I wondered if that might spark some ideas about other areas that we might have carried over some kind of bad setting given that the config is a clone from one established on another site.

Let me know if there’s anything else that I can try or any info I can give you that might be more helpful in diagnosing this.



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It is worth noting as well that I don’t have the full schema set up for all entity types yet. Is it possible that that is having some impact?

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I think I may have cracked it actually!

An oversight on my part! the tk-multi-lauchapp.yml file had some settings for the hook_before_register_command and hook_app_launch which were pointing to files that don’t actually exist on this config.

It’s a bit of a dumb thing on my part to miss that, although maybe for the future it would be great if SG could report that back somehow :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the help anyway!!

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Awesome glad you got to the bottom of it, and this will hopefully help others that run into the same thing. Thanks for sharing!

I just tested here and you get something like the following dumped out to the tk-desktop.log (I formatted it a bit to make it easier to read):

2019-09-03 08:44:17,896 [56862 ERROR] 
App configuration Error for tk-multi-launchapp (configured in environment '/sg_toolkit/configs/my_project/env/project.yml').
It will not be loaded: 
Invalid configuration setting 'hook_app_launch' for tk-multi-launchapp:
The specified hook file '/sg_toolkit/configs/my_project/hooks/tk-multi-launchapp/' does not exist.

So in the future if anyone encounters similar behaviour, try searching the logs for something like “It will not be loaded”, and that should hopefully give some details on why an app is not loading.


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Great! Thanks for the extra info! I didn’t really consider that the log file would have different data to the console. Good to know for future troubleshooting! :slight_smile: