Override DCC location


I’m struggling to find the right spot in the sg-config, where I can override a DCC exe location. For example for Maya or Nuke. We have our custom launch (batch) scripts, which should be used to start the DCC. I’ve dumped the path into env/includes/software_path.yaml, then i’ve tried to alter env/includes/settings/tk-maya.yaml. No chances. What’s the right spot, where I can override it? Or do I need to fork the engines?

so long

You should determine whether your software list is coming from Software entities in Shotgun, or from software_path.yaml. If the latter, then it should work, really. This is all in your tk-multi-launchapp config, I believe, which could be in various places (seems like your config is based on v2).
If the former, then just change the launch paths in Shotgun.

how can I determine where my Software is comming from? :smiley:
I’m using a distributed sg-config (via git). Inhertied from default config v2. I didn’t specified by my self, where the soft is comming from. So what would be the default? :smiley:

Seems like launchapp by default is now set to use Software entities. So go to the Software page in Shotgun, and set your paths from there.

Thanks a lot! The Software Settings in WebUI do the job for me!