Shotgun desktop app launcher - multiple versions of a DCC

Hi guys,

With many DCCs having multiple versions, nightly builds, etc, we’d love to install each build in a separate folder, and be able to choose which build we launch from the shotgun desktop. Is there a way to do that?



Hey @Hristo_Velev—pushing this over to the #pipeline category for the right :eyes:!

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Hey @Hristo_Velev,

You should be able to do this by making use of the windows path, linux path, and mac path fields on your site’s Software entities. You can find detailed docs around this linked to from your site’s Software entity page (found in Shotgun’s admin menu), but here’s the link you’ll be looking for!

Hope that helps get you going!


I’ll read up on this, thanks for the pointer!


We went all in on the manual mode and it’s working great so far!


We’ve rehauled our software deployment system and it’s much better now, and we’re using the explicit Shotgun software entries, which is plenty of control, besides one thing - defaults per project. Artists tend to just click on the launch app icon, not caring which version they should use for which project. If we could set that up so the default is a specific build for a specific project, that would be great.


This might help?

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Yeah that’s exactly what we do, but each group has a single default - it’s not per project. I guess we could copy all groups and have each copy linked to just one project, and have the corresponding default, but that would messify things :slight_smile:

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Aha, I saw the part in the end! Ok, let’s try that, thanks! :slight_smile: