Setting a default Software version

If you have multiple versions of a software package installed, Shotgun Desktop will use the latest version as the default. However, it is possible to set a different default version.

To do this you can create two Software entities on your Shotgun site.
On one of them fill in the Versions field with the version you want to be default, and tick the Group Default checkbox. Then on the other fill in all the other versions, you want to be available.

This should then mean that Shotgun Desktop will use the Group Default version over the others if you don’t select a version from the drop-down.


You could even have different default versions depending on the project.


Hi @philip.scadding

Thank you for this. I’m having an issue when I try to do this for Nuke specifically, where all the different Nuke-related apps (NukeAssist, NukeX, NukeStudio, etc.) go under one Nuke icon, and NukeAssist ends up being the default app launched. How can this be avoided? I would like to keep our current app layout but have only a couple of Nuke versions made available.

You tried the Win/Mac/Linux Args or the Group?

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This works, thanks a lot @Francesc_Macià

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