Shotgun Desktop - Software products order has changed


Between configuration versions 1.3.5 and 1.3.8 something seems to have changed in regards to ordering of discovered application products in shotgun desktop application. I’m unfortunately strapped and cannot invest more time investigating but here’s the example real quick:



use_software_entity is set to true in tk-multi-launchapp and products field in Software page on shotgun for Houdini application is set to “Houdini,Houdini FX” in both cases.

In the past “Houdini FX” was first choice (default), while “Houdini” was second. It is reverse now. I don’t know how this list was constructed before but now it seems to be ordered.

I tried reversing the list in shotgun web on the software entity (setting “Houdini FX,Houdini”), but it still goes for the “Houdini” as default.

I’d really appreciate if the order was chosen by how it was defined in the products field. For example, if we had Houdini FX,Houdini Core,Houdini comma separated string in products field, that would be the order in Shotgun Desktop as well with “Houdini FX” being the default product.



Hi @koaleksa,

Not sure why the order may have changed between config versions, but you can control what the default app/version is set by using the Group Default setting and having separate entries for each product, all configurable in the webUI;

Not quite as clean as having a single software entity, but does lock in your default group choices.


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Hi David,

Thank you. I should have mentioned I’m aware of that - would still prefer not to have larger number of software entities (as we have multiple versions and apps that support these “variants”, it piles up quickly)…

Just wanted to put this idea out on keeping the order as it is specified in shotgun field. Would be nice.

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