Smart thumbnails per project

Hi I saw this is a request many years ago in some comments.
Is this still a limitation? Smart Thumbnails are only a “global” setting?

Thanks a lot!

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Hi @macbeth :wave: ,

Thanks for the post! At this time, there isn’t a way to configure smart thumbnails per project, and they are global per entity. This is great feedback that I believe would make awesome functionality.

I’d recommend logging your request with our product team on our roadmap portal. Check out those instructions here:

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What we have instead done, for now, is to have the thumbnail filter query use the project field as part of it and group different types of filtering together.

Basically you have it filtering to match any of the groups, which all have their own approach to filtering things.

This is not ideal because it’s very heavy on the filters, but it’s the only way currently that we can have this functionality (since we couldn’t even make an alternate thumbnail field due to its built in nature).