Shot Thumbnails - Customize this field by task


I’m trying to customize the thumbnails field, but I’m not sure how to achieve what I need.

In order for Shotgrid’s automatic thumbnails for my Shots to work for my project, I would need to create a field that:

In case there is any version uploaded and associated to that Shot, that is associated to a specific Task (in this case, Final comp), choose that one; and in case there is no version associated to this Task, choose the last version uploaded to that Shot, no matter which Task it is associated to.

For now, I have managed to create a field that shows the thumbnail of the final comp version, but I can not create a parameter that makes it choose another thumbnail if the artists have not yet uploaded anything to that task.

This is important to me, because I don’t want this field to be empty.

Does anyone know if it is possible to do this, thanks in advance!

Hi Anita,

Is the Final Comp always the last Task to be done (I mean if the Final Comp has started, it will hold the last Versions by creation date for all the Versions linked to any Task on the Shot)?

No, that’s exactly the problem we have detected, that although it is usually the last task, there are times when we keep uploading some paint, precompo or 3D render after having started the final compo; but in those cases, once it has been started, I only want to see the final compo versions as a thumbnail of the shot.

I don’t think there’s a solution using a query field as you can’t access the Task’s order via the sort field and you can’t order the subfilters either :(…

Yeah :frowning: I thought so, but just in case someone had a better idea. Thanks anyway!