Asset thumbnail assigned from different project

Hi all,

We have a bit of a weird issue which I’m not sure if it happened to anyone else.

Instances where in two projects publishing the movies assets concurrently, manage to upload the thumbnail from one project into the other.
This is something that never happened before, just wanted to understand if there was any changes on the back-end of SG or if anyone else experienced this from a pipeline and API process perspective.

Many thanks,


A few questions and places for you to start troubleshooting:

  1. Asset and Shot Entity Thumbnails can be static images or dynamic based on a query.
    You should find out if your asset thumbnails are using a query and if that query is properly set up.

  2. What process uploaded the image? Could it be possible that the upload command searches the entity it needs to upload via a name instead of id? Perhaps there is no filter for the Project?

Hi @Ricardo_Musch,

Thanks for giving some guidance and what you check! Most of our thumbnails are dynamic and based on a query. Currently looks like it’s all properly setup.
I will check our code more thoroughly to see if we are missing anything.

Thanks again,