Show current in-Progress Task Names on the Episodes page

Hi! I for the love can’t figure out how to do this.
I have an Episodes page and i want to see all the Tasks that are currently in Progress on the Episodes page, without me having to go into each single Episode and check what the Status is.
But the only column i can add is the Task Template Name.
How do people set this up? I tried the Pipeline Steps column but it only shows you all tasks without a way to check which one is which.
Thanks for any help.

Are you not just looking for the Tasks page?
You can select the episode you want to see them for and any filters in the filters tab.

You can also design that page and add tabs for each of your episodes.

I would not advice to do this via Query fields on the Episodes page as that is going to get slow and is not necesary.

Use the correct page for the type of info you are looking for.

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Thanks Ricardo! I guess i could create a filter for the task page by in-progress and episodic categories.
I’ve also foundout that the pipeline steps column was collapsed, which was why i couldn’t see the task names at all. So that’s also a cool option after all.

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