Create a page with an Episode top level?

Is there any way to have a Canvas page that replaces this Project-level filter with an Episode designation? Currently I have a page with 14 widgets on it, and every time we start a new episode I have to go update all the widgets individually. Wondering if there’s some way to set the project at the top and have all the widgets point to that. (Currently the only option is that top line of “Project.”)

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This would be so useful, indeed!

Hi @jlweiss, did you have a look on the Tracking Settings? Under the Project Actions button on the right?
When you created your page, did you chose the Episode Type at first?

I did not - I think I see where you’re heading with this though. Let me go play around with what I think you’re suggesting.

@cgeniez I did update my hierarchy so that it’s now Episode>Scene>Shot but that still doesn’t allow any way to point the page as a whole to one Episode rather than the project. So I may not have understood what you were getting at after all! If you have further suggestions, I’m open to them!

Sad… I’ve tried something at our higher level in Shotgun.
If I create a page based on the highest level -here this is Quests- by clicking on Filter I have this


and the first point is Quest.

Do you have the same if you choose to create a page on a Episode base/type?
I have difficulties to explain myself here, sorry about that :confused:

No no your explanation is very good - I’m following you. But probably my original question wasn’t thorough enough.

We use task-based widgets on an overall page to get a feel for how far along things are (is Layout done? how much animation is left? etc.), but this is the first time we’ve tried to do this for a project with 20 episodes. When our animation director asked how it would be possible to get some idea of how the animators were doing in terms of progress, I made the mistake of creating a demo page that looked like this with the lovely graphs:

The obvious issue here is that since the Shotgun project is the season (20 episodes), the numbers get unwieldy and uninformative if you’re looking at the project as a whole, because every time a new episode starts, everyone’s numbers get skewed. And while a tasks grid page could be set up to show the exact same info and they could use filters to see a particular Episode/Animator, they like this layout better. (And I don’t blame them! It’s nice and you can zero in on any problem areas with a glance.)

The main issue is that for each Episode, I have to go in and update each of the 14 widgets (I only screen-capped 8 here). And that’s tedious (although not incredibly time-consuming). And I can’t help thinking there has GOT to be a way to set the page to pull in from an Episode rather than the entire project, I just can’t figure out how.

We’re a small shop and I don’t have a dedicated TD to set up scripts or anything for me, so I am limited to what’s available out of the box, which means that it might not be possible for me after all. But I figured I’d put it out here & see if I’m wrong!

@jlweiss This is a good use-case for configuring a custom canvas view on the Episode detail page. Navigate to an Episode detail view, click on the page icon, and choose “Design View.” Add a “New View” and choose “Canvas” as a view type. Here, you should have access to the “Current Episode” filter!


Oh I didn’t think of attacking it that way at all! Off to try it now.

good point @Stephen!
@jlweiss I totally see what you would like to have. On my previous job I was creating follow-up pages for the Animation dpt for each episode (of average 200 shots) of a Season. Every time a new Episode started, I needed to update manually the filters of the widgets as well

Okay, I’m trying the canvas page on the Episode but I’m having trouble figuring out how to set up the filters to graph the correct tasks (which are associated with Shots, not Episodes). The working filter going the other way looks like this:

I’ll keep playing with it. Thanks for the idea, @Stephen! And @cgeniez, glad to know someone else has felt my pain on this one. :slight_smile:

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HOLD ON! As I posted this I realized my mistake - I don’t need that top level thing, I can just set this up so that the final line goes to “Current Entity”.

I got that canvas view detail thing to work! Thanks everyone for the suggestions!


Hi @jlweiss. Oh yeeeeah I’ve felt it!!

Depending on the hierarchy you have on your Shotgun Project, the way I had it in my previous job (CG TV series) was the following:

  • Shotgun Project = the season
    • Episode
      • Shots
        • Tasks (layout, anim, light, vfx, comp…)

So, the filters would be worked with this order (to work in “funnel” and target as you go).
In the screenshot you’re showing, I’ll do the contrary (Episode > Shots > Tasks (dpt or Task name) > and then Assigned to.

Maybe that can help :slight_smile:

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