Shotgun Page to show current project fields?


I’m trying to set up a project page that shows certain fields and values for the current project.
(A Project Globals Page)
These are custom fields with, for example: NUKE_PATH, MAYA_APP_DIR etc.
I have a before_app_launch hook that reads these for the current project and sets env variables based on these.

I set up a canvas page and added a fields widget. However I don’t see an option to show fields for the “Current project”.
Instead I resort to manually filtering on project name for each project I will create this page for.

I was under the impression that a page living inside a project would have filtering options for “Current Project”, that would make sense to me.
Am I missing something?

Hi @Ricardo_Musch,

Thanks for posting your question in community so that other users could consume the answer. Could you please send me a direct message with your Shotgun page URL which the field widget lives in so that we could hop over and take a look? I’ll then post a follow up with more info to this thread.

You can send me a direct message by replying this this thread, clicking the arrow icon in the compose window, and selecting new message. Here’s an image for ref of what that part of the forum looks like:

FYI @Ricardo_Musch—I edited @Ben_xzj’s reply with a few more details about sending your SG site URL to us. Just mentioning in a new reply in case you’re only looking at email notifications. :slight_smile:

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I just did, sorry took a long time, firefighting other problems haha.
I’m not really in need of that page anymore but I would like to know how project specific pages can autofilter to show records from the project without me having to manually fill in the project name as filter.

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