Should status graphs behave like this?

I posted the other day about not being able to update the layout in the focus grids when looking at them from status graphs, and I get why that doesn’t work, but now I think I’m seeing legitimately odd behavior, but I want to make sure it’s not just something I’ve done to mess things up.

We’re nearly the finish line for a long-term project, and I sometimes pull up the finaled Comp shots to make sure the shot has a whole has been marked final as well. Here’s what I see in there:

That’s what I’d expect, but if I go to any other focus grid in this section, the Filter is still set to Final and I get no results. It looks like this:

Have I done something to cause this? I can manually set the filter to the thing it should be on the focus grid but then I have to do it every time.


Huh - I cleared the filters on the focus grid and now it seems to be behaving like I’d expect, but I’m not really sure how I got into the other state in the first place. I’ll see if that sticks before I declare that I have solved my own problem them. (And most likely caused my own problem, also - let’s be honest!)

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Hey Jessica,

The focus grid functions like other pages in Shotgun. It has its own layout that can be saved (field arrangement, any filters applied) but it also will remember any transient changes you’ve made to it during your current session. So if on another Page you’d brought up a Task focus grid, made any changes, closed it, then sometime later on a different page brought it up again those changes will persist. Maybe that’s what happened here?

You can quickly save/revert your layout from the adorable :gear: menu in the upper right of the window.