Filter bug in Shotgrid overview page

I am trying to change the filter in project overview page/dashboard. This is something i do very frequently. but for some reason, the filter is not changing,

I duplicated overview page toggled design mode and tried to change the filter,

Now when I change the filter to the new episode and update the page it somehow doesn’t change the filter and is the same as the previous episode.

This was never a problem before this is something I do with every new episode and it works smoothly for some reason it isn’t updating now, is it some kind of a glitch or bug?

Hi Abdul, if you experience behaviour that you think is faulty based on your experience then use the support page to make a ticket.

Make it clear that this worked a few days/weeks ago so it may be a bug introduced in an update.

Post-Purchase Support --> Help Using My Software --> ShotGrid --> etc...

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