Are Saved Filters able to be shared between Overview pages and My Tasks?

I am a VFX artist working at studios that use Shotgun. So my understanding of it is not at the level of a production coordinator.

What I have seen is that production have created a set of Overview pages for each department, and there are some saved filters applied to them. These Saved Filters show me MY shots that Are active and I should be working on.

However, those Overview pages are very stripped down, which is fine sometimes. But I find that I really just want to use the My Tasks page. THis is because it lists all my shots down the left pane, and I can click on each one and get all the detail I need in the right hand pane. And then I can just click on the next shot I want to look at and so on.

THe Overview pages require me to click through to the full details for a shot. And then I have to back out, or click back to the overview page. And its just clumsy.

The issue is that My Tasks does NOT seem to share the same Saved filters as are present on the Overview pages. So in My Tasks I will often see shots pop up that I shouldn’t be seeing yet. THey aren’t ready or are parked for a bit. The Saved filters on the Overview page takes care of that.

So my base question, is why do the Saved filters in the Overview page not appear in My Tasks?

If this is a deliberate choice, then why?

And is it possible to synchronise filters between those pages.

I can create my own filter in My Tasks to replicate the filter in the Overview. But if / when production changes the Overview filter, then mine will be out of date.

I can’t even SEND a saved filter to myself so I can use it in the My Filters section. Nor can I duplicate it into My Filters.