Can I save a Media Screening Room with my filters or share my filters or copy send them to another user

Hi. Newbie question: Can I share easily my filters with another user so they don’t have to be bothered with creating those filters within Shotgun Media Room? Thank you.


Hi Luis,

Thanks for your question! And yes, you can share your saved My Filters. If you hover over the filter you want to share, you’ll see the share symbol next to the pencil. Click on it and enter the name of the person you want to share it with and hit send.

This is available in all areas of Shotgun where the Filter Panel exists.

Please find more info on the Filter Panel here:



Well. That was easy. Thank you.


So where does the filter show up for the user you send it to?

I tried sending a filter I had created to a user in our studio, but they never saw it. It doesn’t seem to be in their My Filters list. Or anywhere. They also didn’t get any notification that a filter had been sent to them… Is that expected?