Creating A Dashboard for Another User?

Hi Team,

Sorry to pull you away from more important things but I’m new to Shotgun and while I’m trying to teach myself through trial and error as well as looking to to your videos and documentation it’s slow moving at the moment. I’m reaching out on here as I was was hoping you might be able to help me jump ahead.

I’ve been asked to create a Dashboard for a Producer (who is also new to Shotgun) that displays any and all messages directed at them. Right now I’m working off of . I’m on the design page, working from a Canvas view and attempting to construct the page but struggling with the proper widget and edit configuration to get this individuals information to populate.

Any thought’s on what I should be looking for?

The widget that seems most fitting at the moment is “Fields”, that said I can’t workout a configuration to get his information (CC’s, tags, Emails etc.) to appear.

Sorry for the long winded question that has very little information to go off of. Still playing around with it and hope to have a better understanding by the time I receive a response.



Hi @CoordinatorDrew,

There are many ways this could be accomplished but one of the most flexible methods view-wise is if you create a List View Note Page, and then you have the option of switching it to Detail View if your Producer likes to see the Reply Threads of all Notes created.

Then you can use your Filter Panel to create different Saved Filters for Notes To Me, Note’s Cc’d to Me, and Notes I’ve created - as an example. Your filters can be as complex as you need. Perhaps you want to filter for all notes linked to a particular Sequence or Shot. The filter world is your oyster to explore.

Use Grouping and Sorting to organize the page - I usually like to Group by Date Created descending by week so I can see the most recent Notes at the top, then you could sort or subgroup as desired.

Instead of using Saved Filters for each Filter set of Notes, you can also go into Design Page mode and create a new tab for each set of Notes that are important for your user.

I say it’s best to start with something simple and see if it works, then you can build it out as needed in Design Page mode by adding the additional tabbed views your user cares about.


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I would also recommend using the “Use as another user” option if that is available to you, so you see the page how the user of the dashboard would see it. image