Published Files - Filters

Hello! We are creating an additional tab on the My Tasks page.

This view needs to display the published files of the current shot.

In this thread their issue was solved:

But, in our instance, we cannot see any option for Current Shot or Current Sequence as you see in their filters. This is what we see:



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Hi there,

I think I’d need some more context of what page you’re trying to put the filter on.

(Image from SG’s User Guide)

The area on the right hand side is really just the Task Details page for each task you select on the left hand side. Within that, you can absolutely put a tab for Publishes and it will auto-filter for all publishes associated with that task.

Is that what you’re looking for? Or are you trying to see every publish from multiple tasks on a shot? If that’s the case, I don’t think the My Tasks area is the best choice for this, since you would have to be fighting against the context it’s presenting information in.

Replying on behalf of Phil - We’re trying to design a canvas module that presents all published files within a shot that the task is inside of. In this case: An artist opens a task in their My Tasks view and can see all the published files related to the shot the task is in.

Hello, just following up on this thread. The ‘Current Shot/Sequence’ filters aren’t available anywhere, even on the shot info page context. And as Victor said, the goal is to have it on My Tasks so artists have a quick navigation tool to access previous file publishes on any given shot they’re assigned to.