Loader: New Tab for Context Sequence


We want to add a new tab in the loader which shows the all the data from shots in the the current sequence.

I could find a parent entity in the context object. This is the best I got to for the filter.

  - caption: Sequence
    entity_type: Task
    - [project, is, '{context.project}']
    - [entity, is, '{context.entity}']
    hierarchy: [entity, content]

However this only shows the current shot only. How do I query for all the shots in the sequence?
Ideally in that tab we want to exclude the current shot as current_shot has it’s own tab.



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Hi Pritish

EDIT actually there is a way, posted below.

Unfortunately, I don’t see a way of doing this right now.
The filter resolving here is fairly basic. Ideally, you would be able to do something like context.entity.Shot.sg_sequence or something like that, but we don’t support that here.
I’ll pop a suggestion into the product team.


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You can achieve this by doing the following:

- caption: Shots in Sequence
    type: Query
    entity_type: Task
    - [entity.Shot.sg_sequence.Sequence.shots, is, "{context.entity}"]
    - [entity, is_not, "{context.entity}"]
    hierarchy: [entity, content]

Basically the filter is navigating up two levels from the Task to the Sequence and then asking if the current context entity (Shot) is in the list of the parent sequence’s shots.
Thanks to @jfboismenu for finding the solution and pointing that out!


Brilliant…Thank you for the prompt response.