SGTK Loader: Multi Select Entities from the tree

So after your wonderful solution from Loader: New Tab for Context Sequence… Our leads like what they have so far

However they feel to make it completely intuitive for artist they would like the ability to multi select entities from the tree view. For example put a filter on the task, then select all the shots they want the data from which would populate the publishes. Then they simply filter the publish data (eg pull in all the plates) and multi-select the publishes and bring into the scene.

Is this something that can be controlled via config, or will it require a bit of patching?


Hmm good question. I don’t believe there is a very elegant way of doing this. It would probably require modifying the app.

There is a hook, and you could in theory pop up a UI so the user can select the Tasks they want to filter on. But it gets called when ever you select a tab or item in the tree, and you wouldn’t want to call the UI all the time.
I’m not sure I can think of a good way you could use that hook to get a reasonable behaviour, where the user can interact with the filters. If it’s a static filter you’re after then it should work fine, but it sounds like you’re not.
I’ll pop a suggestion into our product team.

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So at the end, I just put the sg_sequence in the hierarchy

hierarchy: [sg_sequence, entity, content]

The artist needs to set the checkbox to show items in subfolder to view all the published data.

This got them 95% due to the fact the order of the published files are scrambled instead of viewing alphabetically by the shot name. So they can’t pick the publish from the 5 shots as they as they can be anywhere in the list.

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