Tk-multi-publish2 : setting item.context

If I set the context of publish items in the collector with item.context = my_context, the publisher plugins (eg publish_file) fails with the following log :

Finding publish plugin settings via pick_environment for context: Shot 000_0000
Loading environment data from path: /mnt/prod/pipe/tk-config-default2/env/shot.yml
Could not find publish plugin settings for context: Shot 000_0000

I can’t see how I can add settings to shot.yml to prevent this error.

OR, is this the wrong approach to pre-defining the selected entity for publish items (in the context of dragging and dropping files in to the stand-alone publisher? I’m trying to implement a system to auto-select the correct task and shot in the publisher gui.

Thanks for your help.

I figured it out. I needed to add a tk-desktop setting in the shot and asset ymls.

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