Setting up filters when within Design Page causes strange interactions

I’ve uploaded a video recording of what’s happening which demonstrates the issue better.

To sum up, interaction with the filters, regardless of browser or user, seems to be misbehaving. Items can’t be removed from filters via the mouse, and list drop-down menus do not disappear. Additionally, applying changes to the filters seem to not actually be saved when selecting “update”.


Hey Michael,

it would be good to bring this under the attention of the support team by making a ticket here:

It could very well be that this bit of ui was broken in a recent release.

There’s a workaround for this issue:
Just press enter on the keyboard after the entity is added or removed. If it’s a date, enter the value manually and then press enter.

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I’m noticing strange interactions with the filters too - drop down menus not disappearing and certain types of filters reverting themselves back to “is not empty” after clicking Update. I submitted a ticket to Autodesk.

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autodesk got in contact with me and its a known issue, they are currently working on it

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Yep, noticed this too, good to know it on the radar.
Must be a bug introduced with some other updates.