Summary Calculation isn't Evaluated

Hi all,

I’m experiencing what I believe is a bug in the ShotGrid web interface, where the summary calculation of a column isn’t evaluating properly.

Here’s an example of a page where I’m trying to sum the number of frames in a collection of filtered shots… as you can see the number of frames and number of shots isn’t evaluated and shows up blank.

If I toggle the “Show Page (Column) Summaries” checkbox off and on, the frames and shots are properly evaluated!



But after a refresh we’re back to a blank summary…

Any help on this is much appreciated. Please let me know if you need any additional info to help get to the bottom of this :slight_smile:


In the top image, the filter seems to be excluding all Shots since there are no Shots listed and so no Frames to summarize.
Compare that with your bottom image which lists “19 Shots” and so has some data to summarize.

@schicky I could be wrong, but I don’t believe that’s the case here…

I had originally cropped the rest of the list out of my screen grab, but the shots are there:


Ah, I see. Yes I’m seeing the same bug.
Best to report it to Autodesk support

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Thanks @schicky ! I’ll put in a ticket.