Shotgun Create Annotations Issues

having an issue with shotgun create when sharing reviews the annotations do not get published properly, they get sent without a background.
This is the shot inside shotgun create

This is the annotation on the website from the review in shotgun create

This review was published from the shotgun website and as you can see it has the entire image

Thanks in advance
p.s. had to use imgur as it limited me to one image upload


What’s the original version media type ? Open EXR sequence ?

Thanks !


@lampronf yes it was

Ok, I’ll have a look to see if we can reproduce it with our test files. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks :slight_smile:

Sure thanks, i have tried multiple times but it is the same result each time. it is probably an exr issue

Hey @alton—quick note on the image upload issues. Since your account was brand new, it was limited to one image upload. This is an anti-spam setting, but it’s a bit aggressive. You’re past that “new” threshold and now can post multiple images.

Also, I’ve adjusted the setting for new accounts going forward won’t have that issue.

Thanks for mentioning it so we could fix it! :partying_face:

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@johnny.duguid glad to help, while writing that was just glad you didnt block links as well


How the version was originally created ? From a DCC, from the web, from Create, etc ?

I tried with a RGBA OpenEXR sequence (version created in Create) and cannot get that issue.

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Maybe I did it incorrectly. Is it as simple as dragging it into shotgun create and making edits then submitting the review?

Did I miss any steps?

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Retried with a different exr i converted online and it worked ok. I am going to get more info on the one that i previously used so i can figure out where the issue is

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You did not missed any step ! Do you think it’s possible to provide us a frame of the failing EXR ?

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@lampronf Sure i can send it but i would need an email to send it to as i am not able to post it here. :slight_smile: thanks in advance


Hi @alton,

You can send the image to ; Just reference the URL of this thread as the body of your message.



Hi @victoria.grey,
Email sent


We reproduced the problem with the file you provided.

Thanks for reporting !


No prob, :slight_smile: as that is how we make and use EXR files, is there anything you could think of that would be a fix for it?

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No idea for now. We will keep you posted :slight_smile:

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:smiley: no worries i’ll be waiting

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Just wondering if there was an update on this

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Sorry for the delay. We understood the issue and now working on a solution. This also created design questions so we need to solve that on both fronts.

I don’t have any deadline for a resolution yet. I’ll let you know when the release with the fix will be known.

Thanks for your patience!

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