Shotgrid server slow from Europe

I cannot believe no one on this forum talks about the Shotgrid lack of speed outside USA. It’s very very slow. It’s incredible that a leading product like Shotgrid doesn’t care for European customers. Every studio I know in Europe is pissed off for the lack of speed.

You just need to use an amazon EU relay server… It’s not so complex…

Did you just delete your post that I made a reply to?

For one, if people experience slowness they should report this to support.

If you have improvement suggestions, the roadmap is where to send them:

And like I replied previously, I am in europe (London) and also ocassionaly in the Netherlands and do not experience what you describe.

Therefore I would refer you to support.

Also, you can change the media bucket location in the Site Settings.

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We are also located in Europe, and do not observe such significant slowdowns. The ShotGrid cdns are regionalized, afaik.
Have you measured this? There is a tool for measuring latencies, on the ShotGrid github.


Can you post a link to the GitHub tool for measuring latency? Sounds interesting!

Here you go GitHub - shotgunsoftware/shotgun-toolbox: This repository contains various tools that can be useful for Hosted Shotgun Administrators


This is not a latency problem. The problem is that the servers used are located in the USA instead of Europe.

Where is the location from the server you connect?

I’m not sure I understand your question.

I connect from London UK and Rotterdam Area in the Netherlands.
No problems with slowness/latency in both locations.

S3 Bucket is set to Ireland.