Shotgrid is painfully slow from Europe due to use USA servers

I’m from Europe and I like Shotgrid but the problem is that it’s painfully slow. I’ve researched the reason and I’ve found that the servers are the AMAZON-02 on USA.

I cannot understand how is possible this service don’t care for europe customers.

I’m being forced in my studio to use Ftrack for this reason, since it has servers on Brussels.

You might want to contact support because as far as I know Sg has servers all over the world as it runs on AWS and uses AWS related services to speed up loading.

Also you can set the location of the S3 bucket to somewhere closer to you in the site settings.

I’m in London and SG works fine here, and it should work fine anywhere in europe as I know users all over Europe.

So something is wrong somewhere, contact support to figure it out!