ShotGrid Site is down

Is anyone else experiencing that their site is down?

Site is back up but it was completely down for about 15 minutes for everyone on this production from different locations. So not just everyone in the studio.

Sorry to hear that, perhaps a local datacenter issue at AWS, our site(s) have been up just fine over here.

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Sounds like you’re sorted now @dschwarz , but for future reference, you can see the status of ShotGrid and related services from this page: From here you can also subscribe to notifications, so you can be alerted when the status changes.

Yea, I went there but nothing was alarming. It was definitely down and I was about to reach out to support when it all came back up. Just a glitch in the Matrix.


Maybe it was related to this because I noticed some of my cloud services have been down intermittently since last night.