Shotgrid Flame Export


We’re trying to export plates from Flame via Shotgrid Shot Export. All is working well with our config such as naming conventions except for the start frame number. We would like our frames to start from 1001 with no padding:


I’ve used these settings in the tk-flame-export.yml config:

  • template: flame_shot_render_exr
    publish_type: Flame Render
    name: 16 bit OpenEXR
    upload_quicktime: true
    quicktime_publish_type: Flame Quicktime
    batch_render_template: flame_shot_comp_exr
    start_frame: 1001
    frame_handles: 10
    use_timecode_as_frame_number: False
    cut_type: “”

However the output is from frame 1 with 8 digit padding:


Any ideas what we might be missing?


Hi Paul,

I don’t think the tk-flame-export app supports setting the start frame (yet). Would have to submit a feature request.
The start frame would need to be set within the flame export preset xml. If you wanted to fork the app, you could just add the following line in the <name> section:


For the padding, it is extracting that from the tk template. In your case that is “flame_shot_render_exr”. Just make sure the sequence key has the format_spec set:

        type: sequence
        format_spec: "04"
        definition: '@shot_root/..._v{version}.{flame.frame}.exr'

Hi Brett, I’m looking to make a similar modification when publishing DPX from Flame using Shotgrid Shot Export via SG Desktop.

I’d like all shots to have a start frame of 1 rather than converting the shot timecode to a frame number. I’ve edited tk-flame-export.yml to start_frame: 1 and use_timecode_as_frame_number: False but it no longer works.

Following your suggestion above, I modified to change "use_timecode_as_frame_number" to False, and I added <startFrame>0001</startFrame> to the {VIDEO_EXPORT_PRESET} section as you described. I restarted SG Desktop and Flame but the exported DPX start frame has not changed. I’m using a centralized config on our local server.

It’s also unclear if the Start Frame Improvements that were introduced in Flame 2024.0 may have affected this?


Hi Aaron,

Yes, your assumption is correct. There is an additional requirement necessary to make it work with Flame 2024. You’ll need to set frameIndex to 0 in the <name> section.

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Brett, that worked! Thank you for the help :+1:

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