Request for Flame SG Toolkit workflow recommendations and tips!


I am configuring SG on Flame 2021.2.2 running on CentOS 7. I have some questions about the current recommended workflows. I see that there is a pre-installed Zero-config on the Flame. However, it doesn’t work because of what seems to be a lost / missing application from the app_store tk-flame-projectconnect. I’m not sure if this pre-installed configuration is meant to work out of the box but, does anyone have this working? Has tk-flame-projectconnect been abandoned?

Our second workflow is launching Flame through ShotGrid Desktop. We have this working through our normal configuration. However, I’m not a huge fan of our Flame artists having to relaunch Flame each time they switch projects.

Any thoughts, or recommendations?

Bumping this.

I have this same issue in Flame 2023.0.1, when using the ShotGrid > enable menu item, a KeyError is raised that tk-flame-projectconnect is missing from the engine’s apps.

We’ve tried to work with Flame and SG last year. Not the best workflow I’ve seen so far. Key points we’ve hated it:

  • I’ve found no solution for NOT starting Flame via Toolkit launcher. So another project - restart Flame, which suxxx
  • The way the integration is working - it’s rendering v000 plates and was not capable of versioning up. Maybe it’s fixed now. Idk, as we droped flame support and using NukeStudio / Hiero at the moment
  • First plate frame is/was HARDCODED. Again - “showstopping” for our facility and it was a huge pain to work around it :frowning: , as we need plate versioning incorporating frame range shifting