ShotGrid Create Configure note form

In the “Configure ShotGrid Create” section, there’s a place where we can “Add fields to Note form,” But there are only a few fields available (Type being the only actual option). Is there a reason other fields are not showing here? I’d like to add Status List as a field when creating a note on ShotGrid Create.

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I’d like to also kick this Thread. We added a “feedback category” field to our Note entity and I cannot display this when someone enters a new note.

This is a Shotgrid Create killer. A main selling point of Create is to streamline review and NOT have to send Artist or Reviewers into the WEB interface. Lack of this capability makes someone have to do exactly that. RV and WEB review solution do not have this limitiation.

I admire being able to limit what fields a user encounters when using Create, but I need to be able to control the decision of fields are presented and what are not.



Sorry for the late response. These are the only fields supported for notes at the moment. They require UI work in Create to be properly usable in the app. I’ll bring these comments to our PM.



Bumping this to see if there have been any updates. It is critically necessary for reviewers to have access to certain fields (note status, for example) when reviewing, otherwise SG Create is not usable for us.

Hey Francisca,
I’m wondering if this update is on the roadmap at all. Being able to add a Note sg_status_list to SG Create would allow us to actually use SG Create. Adding note status is necessary for our reviewers.
Let me know, thanks.

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