Open notes not showing in Details panel

The web settings for shotgrid create allow the admin to show open notes & open notes count on the Create App. However when opening the shotgrid create app and viewing the task, the open notes are not displayed, while the count is.

Making my own note-entity-field on an entity will show up in shotgrid create details panel. However a note-multi-entity-field that I have created will not show up in create.


Please take a look at the attached image and advise on the missing entities that shotgrid assures me is visible within the shotgrid create UI.

My issues are:

  • Assigned to: it is impossible to change who is assigned to a task from shotgrid create. However according to the WEB ui, it says that I should be able to see who is assigned to the task. Oddly, there are two buttons within the shotgrid create UI that allows me to add a reviewer…
  • Task info Order: Why can i not change the order of the 6 blue fields so that they do not sit at the top of my task view in shotgrid create
  • task name: this field is repeated a few too many times
  • description: the field for description does not show up where I would expect it to, as it will always be directly under the task divider.

The field mismatch between shotgrid create and the shotgrid settings is super frustrating for both the admin and the artists