Shotgrid Open Notes

I’d like to be able to create notes for artists. However when I add the Open Notes Tab. It will not allow me to type in the box? Any ideas how to activate this? Do I need an admin to make this tab editable?

The open notes tab only shows you the amount of open notes.
You can right click the entity (Asset or Shot) and create note via the right click menu.
Is that what you are looking for?

Mine does not allow me to add a note in the box. Must be a permissions thing?

It’s not a permissions thing.
The Open Notes field only reports the number of Notes in Open status. It doesn’t allow you to create Notes.

you can’t ‘add a note in the box’ for open notes. Just right-click what you want to add a note to and ‘add note to selected’, then it will show up under open notes. Or if you’re on a notes page/tab, click the ‘Add Note’ button. If you want a box to just type something in, you can use an existing text field, or add a new one called ‘nestamonk notes’ or something - but that won’t show up under Open Notes.

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