SG Toolkit on 4k Display

Is there a way to control how SG Desktop/Toolkit windows and type are scaled on 4k displays? It’s displaying differently in three different environments.

  1. SG Desktop panel in Windows is small, but legible. Windows is set to scale text and apps 150%

  2. SG TK in AE CC19 - super small, barely legible

  3. SG TK in Maya - looks good: not too small, not too big


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Hi Brian – This is a known issue our clients on 4k displays have been dealing with for a while. We’re hopeful that as we move to Python 3, Qt5, and PySide 2, it will be addressed, but we won’t know until we get there. I’ve linked this post to the internal bug ticket, so it’s being tracked there, and I’ve brought it up with the Product team. Thanks for reaching out about it, and sorry for little news to share!

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