SG Jira Bridge : Task/Issue parent entities not syncing

I’ve got a working sg-jira-bridge setup using the provided example syncers.
Task/Issue syncing is working. As is note/comment syncing.
One thing I noticed though is that Issues are not being linked to a parent “epic” Issue labelled after the tasks parent entity. Looking at the code, this feature should be working by default.
Can anyone confirm whether they get Asset syncing out of the box with sg-jira-bridge?

Another curiousity about this is that in the set-up guide, where it lists the fields to create in SG, there’s no mention of adding jira-key fields to any primary entities (eg Shot, Asset, etc). Surely if we’re creating parent Issues in Jira to map to SG Asset entities, we need a jira-key field on these entities?

Our use-case will require some re-writing of the hierarchy syncher to achieve the following hierarchy in Jira, but I’d like to get the default implementation working first before I start pulling things apart.

CustomEntity## → Jira Epic.
PipelineStep → Jira Issue (Story) linked to the above epic.
Task → Jira Subtask linked to the above Jira Issue.

Any help appreciated!

I think I figured it out.
My assumption was that all the syncers in the were being called, but what’s happening is that the Jira webhook URL has the syncer to use hardcoded in the URL.
So, by replacing the default syncer with the asset_hierarchy example syncer, I was able to get the hierarchy to get created in Jira. Result!

I have what I hope is a simple question. If the settings has a number of syncers defined, is the correct way to activate them all, to create multiple webhooks in Jira ?
I’m cautious to go down that route as having multple syncers handle the same event I assume might cause issues?

Thanks again.