SG Jira Bridge - Syncing Jira notes to SG not possible?

Hi there,
I’m just dipping my toes in to the SG Jira Bridge and just wanted to confirm my observations that notes added to an Issue in Jira won’t be synced to SG with the out-the-box configuration? It looks like you can only sync note edits back to SG.

If that’s the case, was there any reason why that wasn’t implemented?
Can you give any pointers how to get that working?

Thanks again!

Is anyone there ? :wink:


Hi Patrick,

I know it is possible but as you know it’s not out of the box. The bridge doesn’t have any idea how to differentiate between a task becoming a JIRA ticket and a note becoming some different type of JIRA ticket. A decision was made to only sync Shotgrid tasks with JIRA tickets in the basic bridge. However I have seen this implemented by a third party developer. I’d reach out to them if you are interested but they definitely had an integration that included notes to JIRA:

Hope that helps.


Hi Patrick,

We are currently using the SG to Jira bridge with sync of notes.
It took us some coding time but if you are familiar with the SG lib you should be able to manage it.

I also found this link to be very helpful. Although it’s not the full copy past code, it should help you get going. Pixel-Nexus: Integrating Shotgun with Jira


Thanks Bert and Chris for the pointers!