SG Jira Bridge: No issues being created in JIRA

Hi guys,

I’m running the sg-jira-bridge and, apparently, everything’s running fine in my test environment, but I don’t see issues being created.

I’ve followed the Quickstart. I’m running the JIRA webhook as an admin user, so project permissions should be fine. I have a test project called Project Tickets (key: PT). In ShotGrid, I have a project I’m testing against, where I’m pointing the JIRA Sync Url to the bridge, and I’ve set the JIRA Key to “PT”. In the terminal with the bridge, I see a lot of the following:

2021-10-13 17:17:55,180 INFO [shotgun_session] Connected to

I’ve got an Asset with a Task Template and a bunch of Tasks. I’ve clicked on Sync Task To JIRA on a bunch of its Tasks, I’ve even created dummy Tasks. Nothing shows up.

What am I missing? The daemon log shows a bunch of activity, but no errors. About the only thing I haven’t done is set up users, as we’re still evaluating users and setting up accounts for 150+ users is probably too expensive for a demo. If that shouldn’t be the issue, what debugging steps should I do first?