How to Import Existing Jira ticket to shotgun


I recently setup shotgun server as per the documentation:

The syncing is working as expecting i.e a new task in Shotgun creates a Jira ticket and keeps it up to date. Though now I want to import all the tickets in Jira which were already there before setting up shotgun server. How can I achieve it?

I see Shotgun has a batch call but not sure how and where to start with it. Would really appreciate if someone who has already done this before could guide me step by step since I a newbie here.



you can export the cases you need to have in Jira on CSV file and then uses the importer.
(usually you will find this option on Jira on the top right corner)

Here is a a helpful video that will show you how to do bulk import . You can do bulk import for every entity you have - Shots, Assets, Scenes, Tasks etc…

We have an updated version for the importer that will give you more functionalities when finding errors while importing.

I hope it helps !
Let me know if you need further guidance for it :blush:


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Thanks a lot for the quick response Tamar.

I imported the existing Jira task from csv to Shotgun task but when I check sync_in_jira checkbox it creates a new Jira task. We dont want to create new task since its already created, we are simply importing and then linking. How can I link the Shotgun task with existing Jira task?


Hi Mbk!

I found this I think it may be what you need in order to create a bridge and not duplicate the ticket from Jira to your SG

Let me know how it goes!


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