Unable to Sync Shotgun Task with Jira

Followed the Quick Guide Step to Setup The Shotgun Server https://developer.shotgunsoftware.com/sg-jira-bridge/quickstart.html#quick-start

After setting up both the server, when I navigate to Shotgun Webpage and create a task it wont sync. Unchecking and checking the SYNC_IN_JIRA does not produce any logs in either of the server.

In Starting Up Section, I was successfully able to Match Shotgun User and also Start the SG Jira Bridge. Though when I start ShotgunEvents I get the following Error/Warning
Critical:engine: Did not find a registeredCallbacks function in plugin at {path to Jira triggers}/triggers

Not sure if this is the cause of the syncing issue but I have updated the Environment Variable and also tried hardcoding the SGDAEMON_SGJIRA_NAME

Any help resolving the issue will be appreciated.


Did you find a fix for this mbk?
I also get the “2021-07-24 00:02:08,221 - engine - CRITICAL - Did not find a registerCallbacks function in plugin at C:\gDrive.rfs_git\sg-jira-bridge\triggers_init_.py.”
My bridge continues to work after this error, so I’m not sure why the error is being triggered nor if it causes some functionality to fail.
I’m curious to hear if you made any discoveries.