SG Desktop login Uncaught Exception! undefined method 'get_user' for nil:NilClass

This just started this morning after logging out and attempting to log back in. I am in the process of migrating the site so wondering if something changed to break the ability to login from SG Desktop. We still have to use the SG login with SG Desktop until the migration is complete.
We’re running SG Desktop v1.5.9.

Screen Shot 2021-09-08 at 10.15.52 AM

I tried upgrading to version 1.7.0 but it’s giving the same error.

So it appears that there was an issue and the Autodesk team has resolved it. Thanks!

What was the resolution? Something on the server side? Or another update of Desktop?

Well I managed to get it working for my users that had logged out during this period by deleting the /Shotgun cache directory and having it download again. Fortunately this issue did not last too long and ShotGrid support found the issue and resolved it. It was a “Some users may have trouble connecting to ShotGrid via the API or a desktop application. We have identified the issue and are proceeding to fix it.”.
This morning has been busy assisting all of my people using RV of clearing all ShotGrid site connection details and then logging back in. RV was still kind of working but the version notes and sometimes site browsing was throwing up an Oops error. Ya gotta love “Oops errors”. :wink: