Salt / Ansible to configure a new shotgun server?

Topic says it.

Hey Rhea,

If you could provide us with more information or details about what you’re looking to do using Salt or Ansible it would help us answer any questions you might have.


Ideally, to bring the site up to show standards, custom schema changes, base data records, page layouts, site preferences, etc. Does that help?


If this request is related to scripted Shotgun site configurations, I would like to jump on this bandwagon too!

I have written a DSL and a decent amount of tooling around setting up Shotgun sites against a configuration yaml but it isn’t in a clean enough state to really share.
The DSL probably needs a bit of work too.

I would also love the ability to configure default permission sets, both for HumanUsers and ApiUsers. I find myself always creating a PermissionsNone set for my ApiUsers and then build permissions sets on top of that with only the permissions that I need.


Hi everyone,

To set up a new Shotgun site to whatever base standards you have, you’ll have to go through the Python API or REST API. Whatever technology you use to trigger and automate the process is yours to choose but at the end of the day, you’ll be speaking to Shotgun via the two previously mentioned avenues.

There’s a lot you can do like setting up your base schema with schema functions

or creating base data records

There are, however, certain UI accessible capabilities that aren’t exposed in our APIs like management of permission rule sets or page design, to name just those two. These are current limitations of our APIs and aren’t influenced by your choice of technology.

If you’d like to lobby for the inclusion of these capabilities in the APIs, I strongly suggest you check out this forum post that details how to submit ideas to our product team.


Thanks @bouchep figured this is where we’d end on this question. Appreciate the journey!

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