Where to start customizing Python files?

Hi everyone !
I’m completely new here and this is the first time i’m using shotgun. I’m happy to join you all, and glad to see there is an active community here.

In the company i work for, I am scripting some tools in python. And recently we started working with shotgun. So they asked me to take a look about How to customize Maya Shotgun’s tools (Save, Publish, etc.). So i’m sorry in advance, i’m not a professional programmer (yet?).

I was reading the many docs and videos made to help use but i felt it was not enough clear to start from 0 programming or customizing pythons files.

Questions is : Where to start customizing Pyhton files ?

For the moment i did creat a new project.
I’ve copy on my disc the Primary configuration, and renamed it (lets say : “CustomPrimary.zip”).
I created and pointed a new configuration to this “CustomPrimary.zip”. And now i try to edit some codes but here start the fog. I found no Python files there to edit.

Maybe i didn’t started well ? In documentation, i could see the concept of the workflow but not the most specific way to go place, lauch or copy scripts.

If maybe a good soul here can help me it will be very appreciate. :’)

Thank you !


Hello! Welcome to the forums, and welcome to using Shotgun. To get a good idea of the kinds of ways you can customize your Shotgun pipeline, I’d suggest going through the Toolkit Pipeline Tutorial. Let us know if you have any questions as you go along. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Tannaz, I will take a look! :wink:


Looks like we cannot access to the page you gave me
“Oops You’re not authorized to access this page”
Event if i’ve signed in well

D’oh! I’m so sorry; I sent you a bad link. This is the right one, and I’ve fixed it in my original reply as well.


Hello Tannaz,
Thanks for the link, It’s a great tutorial.
I’m working with Clement at Studio No Border.
A question we have is what about when we have a new model version published , is it pushed automatically to the Rigging dept ? same from Rigging to Animation, how are we sure to have the latest rig version in a WIP shot ?
( ps: we worked at DWA at the same time ! )

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Considering you’ve previously properly imported your alembic or whatever into your rigging workfile, you’ll be able to track new versions published by modeling department easily using Scene Breakdown.

Understanding the concept of Loader and Publisher is key in Shotgun workflow I think.
Every output needs to be published. That way, those published files could be imported/loaded later.
Those relations between files, inputs and outputs will be store by Shotgun and tracked by Scene Breakdown app for updates.


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Hi all –

@Florian_Perret it’s so nice to see you here! Welcome to the forums!

@Kevin_Lmr got it (thank you Kevin!) – once you’ve used the Loader to bring a PublishedFile into your session (eg, once an animator has loaded the Rig into their scene), they can use the Scene Breakdown tool to update when a new rig has been published. One thing to keep in mind here is Loader actions – you can configure what it means to load a PublishedFile of a given type. If you’re referencing the PublishedFile, you can use the Scene Breakdown tool to update the reference. If you’re importing the PublishedFile, it’s baked into your work file, so the Breakdown tool can’t update it.

So, to be clear, there’s no push happening – it’s on the animator (or whatever downstream artist) to pull the latest publish. You could implement a notification system (either Shotgun’s email notifications, or something more custom, perhaps via the event daemon), so that the animator would know that there is a new rig available.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.


Hi Tannaz, thanks for the explanations. We were not using the Scene Breakdown tool yet, so now it makes sense!
I have another questions about shots, we are using a video game template for our project. Is a “shot” an asset ? I have difficulties to create shot and assign them to animators.
thanks a lot.


Hi @Florian_Perret - head on over to this post and we can continue this conversation so as not to divert the topic.