Where do I find Assets in my games template?

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I have another questions about shots, we are using a video game template for our project. Is a “shot” an asset ? I have difficulties to create shot and assign them to animators.
thanks a lot.


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A Shot is a Shot, you might use this entity if you were creating cut scenes for your game composed of different Shots that needed to be edited together. The rendered media files of Shots are typically uploaded as Versions linked to the Shots so you can iterate on and review them within SG.

Taking a look at the default Game Template that comes with Shotgun, the Shot entity is actually turned off (but it can be enabled if needed). Are you sure you have the Game Template in use?

Default Game template:

There is an Asset entity you can use for Assets and then you could create animation Tasks linked to an Asset to Task out your animators.

You might find the following user guide helpful for setting up your gaming template - see the left hand column for additional topics the subject covers:

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More specifically, this link takes you to creating a new Asset for your game, and if you follow the post further down, it shows you how to create Tasks:


Hi @Beth , thanks for sharing the link.
I got a better overall understanding of assets and tasks for game.
So we should use " shot " for cut scenes and asset type " animation " for animation assets like Idle, run, attack, jump, etc ?
When I add a task to assign let’s say the asset “joeRun01” to an artist , what should I put in Task name ? I typed animation, but them ot doesn’t show up in Task name list. But I can see I use "file open " in maya’s shotgun menu.
One more question, it appears in Assets, as Animation, but then it has too many pipeline steps, should I create a task template with only animation in it ? thank you !


Also there is something else I have an issue with . I can’t show the entire list , it just shows 2 of 6. here is a snipet.!


Hi Florian,

Depending on the exact need, we’ve seen animation tracked a couple different ways. When tracking animation work that needs to be done for a single Asset, that’s typically done as Tasks on that Asset (e.g. cycles specific to that character, unique gestures, etc.). Those Tasks are named after the animation itself.

For something more broadly used, say walk and run cycles that are shared between lots of different characters, then a unique Asset of type “Animation” is made, and then “Walk” and “Run” Tasks which belong to the Animation pipeline step are added to that Asset.

For your screenshot, it seems like you’ve reached the number of results displayed per page which you can control in the bottom right corner of the page: