RVIO -init uncatchable exception (gotta catch them all!)

I’m trying to prototype a custom init script for rvio and I’m running into an uncatchable exception on any add/modify source coummands.

Even with -debug mu I’m getting no useful output. Can I get a developer with a debug build to determine if this is an exception outside of Mu, and is there a workaround?

Here’s the minimal script:

use commands;
print("Beginning of custom mu init.\n");

	commands.setSourceMedia(src, ["solid,red=1.0,green=0.0,blue=0.0,start=1,end=100.movieproc"]);
catch (exception exc)
	let s = string(exc);

print("End of custom mu init.\n");

Run the test with:

rvio -init <pathToScript> solid.movieproc -o ./test.mov -debug mu

I presently get:

...(version and copyright notice)
INFO: solid.movieproc
INFO: setting view to single Source
Beginning of custom mu init.
ERROR: uncaught exception


Hello Kessler !

Yes sure : I need to take are of something first, but I promise to investigate this in a debug build over the week-end and report back to you what I find.


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Hello @Michael.Kessler,

I was able to reproduce this issue and it has to do with the way you were passing the array of string parameters : in this form the Mu parser is not able to digest it which leads to an exception.

I was able to make your script work by passing the new_media parameter differently:

This works:

let src = "sourceGroup000000_source";
commands.setSourceMedia(src, string[] {"solid,red=0.0,green=1.0,blue=0.0,start=1,end=100.movieproc"});

And this also works:

let src = "sourceGroup000000_source";
string[] new_media;
commands.setSourceMedia(src, new_media);

I hope this helps.

Cheers !