RV crashing on 7.9 when interacting with OpenImageIO

Hi all,

We’re running into a strange crash involving one of our RV plugins and the OpenImageIO library. I’m not 100% sure if someone here will have the answer because it is a custom plugin, but here’s hoping.

The plugin is one that takes an EXR image file and reads the metadata contained within it to allow the user to inspect/highlight the assets in that image in RV. On RV 7.9, this process is crashing when trying to create an ImageBuf using the metadata. On older versions of RV like 7.3.4, the crash does not happen, but the plugin doesn’t seem to load correctly.

There isn’t any bad data in our EXR’s, and I’ve also tried various different versions of OIIO and the crash happens with all of them. I’m quite stumped here, has anyone ever seen something like this before?

Let me know if you need any more details, I’ll try my best to provide more info.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

I noticed a similar thing. Seems like oiio needs to be compiled in a special way to make this work.

Related question: when using sourcePixelValue command it seems the values are not full float, so very small values (like in cryptomattes) are rounded… Is there any way to sample pixels with their exact value?