Auto-save for crashed RV session?

Hey Folks! We’re really loving the beta live review feature, and are already doing our dailies in it for some projects. One issue we ran into is that from time to time RV will crash (as all software does), and it’s a lot of clicks to get back up and running.

Is there an auto-save feature for the sessions somewhere? this way you could eaily pick up where you left off.

Any advice is appreciated, thanks!


Hi Laurence,

Thank you for the great feedback around Live Review. Unfortunately, there isn’t anyway persisted state of the Live Review Session. As for the crash, can I ask wish version of RV you are using?



Hey Alain,

2022.3 is what we have running across Linux and MacOS. The crashes seem more prevalent on Mac and have the most impact when a lot of annotations are made, but not exported yet for upload to SG.

I can try to capture more info the next time it happens, let me know how best to do so.

Hi Laurence,

Thank you for the details. Any repro steps would be very useful for us in order to address the issue.


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Hey Alain,

Here is the info from our VFX supe Ryan on when the crashes happen, nailing this down to exact repro steps is a bit challenging. Hope this helps.

crashes mostly happen on Prod’s macbooks. not sure if that has to do with the fact that they dont have access to 2 out of 3 types of source files or just a memory thing

my or workstation crashes happen when we switch presenter. because each time we switch presenter it forces itself to read “Frames” media regardless which type of media we were viewing prior to switching

if the timeline has 10 versions, then it will try to cache all 10 versions of exr frames upon switching hand

spining wheel cursor moment