RV2021.0.0 Shutgun Isolate Version And Neighbors playing question!

Hello dear Shotgun RV team:
Thanks for RV 2021 Isolate Version And Neighbors working now!
But still have some issues I list below:
1: Isolate Version And Neighbors playing seems only auto combine shots within a sequence!
which means that I couldn’t auto combine shots to play between 2 sequences!
2: If I select the first shot of the sequence and Isolate Version And Neighbors will get a error message! "ERROR: trimToLatestNeighbors failed: exception: “Int value for key ‘cutOrder’ is not set in StringMap”
3: IF the neighbor shot has new version on other step? use Isolate Version And Neighbors playing will auto combine the other step’s new version. What about if I need to stay in same step? EX: neighbor shots all in animation step, not mix with latest Effect step version!

Hope these question make sense and please give me some suggestion or guide me a paper to read out! Thanks in advance!

RV2021.0.0 / Win10


I also try to filter animation step, only animation in RV! But RV still combine other step latest version!