RV toolkit integration

Hey guys,
I have an idea how I want to achieve this but I also want some community thoughts.
So, I really want to integrate RV with shotgun desktop creating a viable way to launch RV within shotgun desktop.
Our artists are already used to launching their core programs with desktop, so why not RV.
What would everyone’s approach be to for installing a tk-rv…

I see there’s a tk-rv and a tk-tv-config on GitHub from 2 years ago, are these going to be viable for RV 7.5 with some updates?


Hi Ross,

You can add a launcher for any app in desktop without an engine by adding it to the software page in the web UI much like I have in the image below with the Sublime Text Launcher…

You can also already launch RV (and Screening Room) from Shotgun Desktop in the top right menu when in an advanced project;


I believe that tk-rv is already in use inside RV and was a part of the SG Review package, but I’m not sure about it use any more, you can read a little about it here;

But it may be out of date, hoping one of my colleagues can fill in the gaps.

Also just wondering what sort of functionality were you looking at having with a tk-rv integration?



Hi David,
Cool ya we will need to migrate to the new config2… we are still using original configuration so it will take some time until we are are fully migrated, and can take advantage of the new software entities.

In terms of RV function, i’m making updates to our existing RV toolset to accommodate PyQt5, and python 3.7 the codebase was originally written on PyQt4 and python 2.7. So I figured it was also time to start thinking about migrating over to the new SG config setup, which is seems will be necessary for the new improvements to software handling.

Thanks again for making my decision easier hehe :D,


Hey Ross, I am curious, how do you handle the default configuration settings of RV to ensure everybody on the team has the same packages loaded and configuration settings?

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Mentioning @Ross_Macaluso so they get a notification :wink:

sorry i am so late to respond to this… work has been nuts… remote is odd… anyway…

I have added RV to the shotgun desktop launcher, RV is launched with a .py script so I use environment variables to set paths for packages, RV has an environment variable RV_SUPPORT_PATH that you set a root directory, and if that directory has the same structure it will automatically load packages, MU, OIIO, nodes ect ect from that root directory. So that is how I manage development environments, and stable environments ect ect…

here’s a very old shotgun thread on the topic… but you can find more information about RV environment variables in the docs.

so really by being able to add RV to the shotgun desktop launcher, I can then have it launch with a custom python script and set specific environment variables with plugin python scripts that alter how that particular RV instance is launched (what packages, nodes) are available.
Hope this helps,
Sorry for the delay,

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