Publish save files from rv to shotgrid

Integration of rv with shotgrid implies able to save and publish files from rv. ( CMIIAW )

But in app_store, I cannot see tk-rv
Have installed rv which shows flow production tracking (

Get an error when launching rv from shotgrid desktop ( image )

How to clear the above issues and have a clean way to save/ publish files from rv ?
Screenshot 2024-06-25 115440

Thank you

Hi @vikramj !

In theory you are right. Unfortunately the SGTK (or is it called FPTRTK now?) integration in RV is a hard hack. It is based on a specifically crafted config that is build into the sgtk RV plugin package. I did not find a good way yet to get control over it. If you or someone else finds a way I 'd be happy to hear about it. It is a very deep rabbit hole for sure.


Thank you for showing confidence. I can assure you I cannot do it without any direction. If you layout the milestones in the right direction I can achieve results. Any documentation is a nice place to start with

The only hints I can give you are:

  • familiarize yourself how RV structures its packages. Here is the documentation from OpenRV. There are some sections about it in there.
  • Find the sgtk RV package in the RV folder structure, unzip it and start digging. There is no documentation for that package itself, as far as I know.

From here on out, you are on your own. Sorry that I cannot be of more help. Good luck!