Publish files WITHOUT version

I’m in the process of integrating SG TK to an existing pipeline with very precise naming conventions. At this point in time I have to stick to the present logic which is to have versioned working files but then non versioned published files. This means every time I publish, if there is already a published file, the validator will fail with this understandable message:

Exception: Can not validate file path. There is already a publish in ShotGrid that matches this path. Please uncheck this plugin or save the file to a different path.

Question is: is it possible to change settings of the TK to overwrite pre-existing published files? The relation to a working version would still be necessary for tracking sake.

Thanks in advance

I found my problem!
I was trying to remove the versioning from the representation files as well (.png and .jpg) while that does not make sense since they represent the working version that has been published.
So it has been easier that I thought. Simply removed the version token from the published file in the templates.yml and all good.