Save a version zero (v000) workfile

Ive tried multiple times to edit the tk-multi-workfiles2 to allow me to save a ‘v000’ file. Can anyone more familiar with the app tell me how I can get this behavior?

I want v001 to be the default for a new file, but have the ability to toggle the spinner box down to zero to make a v000 if needed. Otherwise, I want everything else about how the app currently works to stay the same.

I think it’s hardcoded into the integer box.

If you can describe your use case a bit more maybe we can suggest other ways of going about this.

The use case is that sometimes we have clients that want a v000 render first of just the plate received. Our workflow has been to save out a v001, rename the file in the filesystem to v000, then re-open the workfile and work as normal. Everything seems to work as normal having v000 as the version except for the initial save. The Shotgun File Save will not allow to save as v000.

The simplest solution would be to create a custom writenode wiith the v000 naming conventions and hook that into the publish collector so it collects that output too. (I am assuming that’s why you currently need a v000 script as the default publisher implementation only picks up renders from the current script version (terrible idea) )

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